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Thank you for your interest in offering resources to participants of PMA’s Health Network and/or to our licensed PMA healthcare practitioners.

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As you might imagine, the PMA is regularly solicited by parties interested in having us promote their programs, products and/or services to our practitioners and/or lay subscribers of PMA’s Health Network.

Also, as you are probably aware, from the public’s perspective, the lines between what is Pastoral Science & Medicine, Functional Medicine, conventional medicine and other forms of healthcare practice are not perfectly clear.

Moreover, based on our experience over many years in dealing with medical boards and other secular governmental agencies, we are very aware of the legal/regulatory climate healthcare practitioners operate in today.

Careful Evaluation.  In this context, we have learned that it is prudent for the PMA to evaluate carefully the clinical and practice development resources we offer to our practitioners. In addition, from a legal and ethical standpoint, the PMA must be careful in how we bring new clinical and practice development resources to our practitioners, and how we promote health-related products and services to the public.

To these ends, it is important that we have a fair system of evaluation and that we establish appropriate contractual relationships with the providers of such products and services. We must also be cautious about protecting the PMA’s reputation in the marketplace.

Pre-Screening.  In view of the cautions we must exercise, the PMA has engaged Peter Jenkins, a seasoned (now retired) attorney to pre-screen all submissions before final evaluation by the PMA.

Peter has been very involved in the Functional Medicine (FM) movement for some time now; he understands the legal/regulatory challenges FM and alternative healthcare practitioners face nationwide; he has good working relationships with PMA’s in-house lawyer and outside national counsel (the National Center for Life & Liberty); and Peter has been instrumental in assisting the PMA in navigating the legal minefield.

Importantly, Peter is a strong health freedom advocate, he fully supports the PMA and our expanded mission to help end the epidemic of chronic illness; and Peter’s connections with many successful practitioners and FM thought-leaders nationwide have proven to be of great value to the PMA in offering diverse resources to PMA licensees and their clients.

Submission Fee.  For the reasons indicated, the PMA has determined that it is essential to employ the following pre-screening process. Our Association simply doesn’t have the staff or bandwidth to provide the expertise Peter offers, nor can the PMA expend funds for this type service.

Accordingly, to cover the cost of pre-screening, we have established a submission fee of $1,000 per proposal, payable in full at the time of pre-screening acceptance.

While we appreciate that the PMA (through affiliate arrangements) and our licensees stand to gain financially by having effective clinical solutions and business development tools they can implement in their practices; the providers of such resources also stand to profit substantially by the sale of their deliverables to our practitioners and PMA Health Network subscribers.

Balancing these interests, the cost of pre-screening must rest with the parties who desire to have their programs, products and services promoted by the PMA.

The Evaluation Process.  Upon submission of your proposal, Peter will review your submission and determine if pre-screening evaluation is warranted.

If your submission is accepted for pre-screening evaluation, upon your payment of the required Submission Fee, Peter will invest up to 4 hours reviewing whatever information you indicate you would like reviewed about the programs, products or services you are suggesting that PMA offer to PMA practitioners and/or PMA Health Network subscribers. Based on his review, Peter will provide his opinion as to whether your proposal meets PMA’s criteria.

If your submission is accepted for full pre-screening review, the evaluation will be conducted fairly and impartially within one week of your submission, and you will be notified by email about the pre-screening decision.

Please note, however, there is no guarantee that your proposal will be (a) recommended by Peter for further evaluation or (b) accepted by the PMA. Of course, we will notify you if the PMA is interested in having additional information relating to your proposal or entering into negotiations for a working arrangement.


Again, we sincerely appreciate your interest in being part of the PMA team and offering resources to PMA’s Health Network subscribers and/or our licensed PMA practitioners.

Please Use the Form Below to Submit Your Proposal

We look forward to receiving your proposal and working with you if you decide to have your program, product or service evaluated.

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