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Below is an outline of some of the resources we offer PMA licensees. Additional detailed information about the clinical protocols, educational programs,  services and practice development tools provided for PMA practitioners is available upon request.  Simply complete the form at the bottom of the page for immediate access to more information about these valuable practice-building assets.

Overall, PMA’s goal is to help you practice legally, more effectively and more profitably. You can view a Summary of PMA License Benefits here.

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PMA’s Success Formula

Leveraging the benefit of our long-standing experience, the PMA works diligently to assemble the strategies and tools that PMA healthcare and counseling professionals must have to be successful. We call this the “PMA Success Formula”. This is a FREE value-added service for PMA licensees.

The Success Formula involves evaluating your practice in multiple areas including the structure of your business, the legal basis for the services you offer, whether your products and services are in demand and have proven successful for other practitioners, how you can most effectively promote your practice, what systems you have in place for getting testimonials and referrals from your clients, and much more.

We developed the Success Formula because it does little good for you to invest in licensing your practice if you’re not going to be successful.  In addition, your success in helping your clients recover their health and in building a strong, profitable practice is critical to PMA achieving our mission of promoting lifelong health and well-being and contributing meaningfully in efforts to end the pandemic of chronic illness we are facing.

Resources for Your Success

  • PMA Practitioner Orientation
  • PMA Success Formula (described above)
  • PMA Practitioner Leased Websites (view more information)

Additional Protections

  • Professional Malpractice Insurance
  • Prepaid Legal / License Protection

Clinical Protocols and Tools

  • Transformations / WICO Scoring (Clinics Helping Clients with Diabesity Issues)
  • True Cellular Detox (Uniquely Effective Cellular Detox Protocol)

Discounted Laboratory Tests

  • Direct Labs
  • VirtualClinic

Help Us Help You

Please feel free to Contact Us and let us know what specific health-related educational information, products, and/or services interest you. Alternatively, if you provide educational programs, products or services that you feel would be beneficial to PMA practitioners or subscribers of PMA’s Health Network, please use this form to let us know about your deliverable.

Our team will be happy to consider your request, investigate and determine if offering what you suggest to our PMA practitioners or Health Network subscribers is appropriate and valuable in advancing PMA’s mission.