PMA Licensing FAQs

The following is a brief overview of PMA license facts.  If you are interested in a PMA license, much more information is available through a PMA license representative. We will be happy to answer whatever questions you may have. Click here to contact our support staff.

Also, if you have not yet read About the PMA and About Pastoral Science & Medicine, please start by reviewing these pages of our website.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the PMA’s mission and purpose?
When was the PMA established?
How large is the PMA?
Does the PMA provide clinical training?


Who are PMA licensed providers?
Do PMA licensees include both state licensed practitioners and natural healthcare professionals?


Why have a PMA License?
What protections are provided for clients of PMA licensees?
Are there different levels of PMA licensing?
What are PMA’s licensing requirements?
What is the cost of PMA licensing?
How do I apply for a PMA license?


What is the scope of practice under PMA license?
If I am state licensed to provide other healthcare-related services, will the PMA license allow me to offer services that may be outside the scope of my state license?
Does the PMA license the use of any specific health equipment, product, protocol or substance?
Do hands-on 'touch' therapies fall within the PMA license Scope of Practice?
Are hypnosis, counseling, and energy based modalities such as the Emotion Code within the PMA's defined Scope of Practice?
How can I determine if a particular service falls with the PMA authorized Scope of Practice?


Is PMA’s license 'recognized' in all jurisdictions?
Has PMA license been 'challenged' in the United States or other countries?
Why have some state boards questioned the validity of the PMA license?
Does the PMA license provide practice rights for both the natural health professional and state licensed provider?


What is the purpose of PMA’s Legal Department?
Since PMA’s license is ecclesiastical (ministerial), are licensees eligible for tax exemptions?
If I am state licensed as a MD, DC, etc., can or will my state board prevent me from having a PMA license or offering Pastoral Science and Medicine services?
Can I be assured that having a PMA license will prevent governmental regulation of the pastoral-based healthcare services I offer?
If I am an unlicensed natural health practitioner in a state that does not require licensure and that has passed health freedom legislation, will the PMA license benefit me?
If I am an unlicensed natural health practitioner in a state that does not require licensure and where the state generally leaves such practitioners alone, do I still need PMA license?

Additional information is available from a PMA license representative. Please click here to complete the Contact form to speak with a representative.