Benefits of PMA Licensing

Unconditionally Committed to Your Success

PMA is one-pointedly focused on –

  • Protecting and advancing your rights to practice Pastoral Science & Medicine;
  • Helping you deliver effective Pastoral Science & Medicine protocols to achieve better health outcomes for your clients at lower costs; and
  • Providing you state-of-the-art education, resources and tools to expand your practice and increase your revenue.

A Distinctly Unique and Credible Professional Opportunity

Pastoral Science & Medicine is very similar to the conventional practice of Natural Medicine or “natural health and wellness”. Importantly, these services are in very high public demand.

For both state-licensed and non-licensed providers, the PMA license provides a legal path for qualified health practitioners to offer Pastoral Science & Medicine services to clients seeking natural means for addressing illness and maintaining vital health, while benefiting financially through meeting the high demand for these services.

Importantly, the PMA license builds your professional credibility and instills trust in the client that he or she is partnering with a practitioner who has a high level of concern for the client’s well-being and who supports freedom of choice in healthcare decisions.

For the state-licensed medical provider, the PMA license provides a distinctly separate professional opportunity to offer natural health services to clients, which may not be authorized within the scope of the state license.

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As a PMA licensee you will . . . .

  • Hold a professional ministerial license issued by the #1 health and wellness ministry in the world.
  • Have a safe legal path to ministerial healthcare practice in all U.S. States and many foreign jurisdictions.
  • Have access to the PMA professionally drafted PMA Practitioner-Client Agreement for Wellness Services that provides extra protection for providing Pastoral Science & Medicine services.
  • Have access to professional practice liability insurance that is designed exclusively for PMA licensees from a top-rated insurance company.
  • Have access to affordable legal assistance. Whether you need help deciding the legal structure of your business, getting help if your services are questioned by a state agency or any other legal issue, professional legal assistance is available to PMA licensees through one of the nation’s top legal firms specializing in protecting personal and religious freedoms.
  • Have a FREE professional directory listing on the PMA website to promote your services to prospective clients nationwide.
  • Receive a professionally designed wall certificate and license suitable for framing, letting your clients know you have met the high standards of for practicing Pastoral Science & Medicine.
  • Have a professional I.D. card identifying you as a PMA licensed provider.
  • Have opportunity to lease from PMA at very reasonable monthly cost a professionally designed website that can be customized to profile your credentials and promote your unique healthcare expertise and services; while, at the same time, providing the important separation of your Pastoral Science & Medicine practice from secular medical and alternative healthcare services, as well as appropriate descriptions, disclaimers and disclosures to your existing and prospective clients and governmental licensing authorities.  View the benefits of leasing a PMA Practitioner Website.
  • Gain the benefit of PMA’s ongoing efforts to —
    • Protect and advance your rights to practice Pastoral Science and Medicine;
    • Identify and give you access to resources that will help you deliver more effective clinical services and proven health-related products for your clients;
    • Identify and give you access to information, educational programs, resources and tools to help you improve your professional knowledge and skills, promote and expand your practice more effectively, serve your clients better, and run your business more efficiently and profitably.
    • View a summary of the diverse resources PMA is marshaling for PMA licensees.

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  • We will evaluate the information you provide to determine how we can best guide you to greater success.
  • A PMA Practice Development Specialist will contact you to discuss your eligibility for license and make recommendations on how you can develop the “waiting list” practice you’ve always wanted.

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