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An Immense Healthcare Need

Over 100 million people in the U.S., that’s half of the adult population, suffer from chronic illness, including autoimmune disease. There is an immense need for effective solutions to address this expanding epidemic.

Conventional medicine is not providing the answer. As a consequence, there is huge public demand today for skilled healthcare practitioners offering natural means and protocols as an alternative to standard allopathic care.


Unlimited Opportunity

These conditions not only highlight the path for PMA to accomplish our mission of promoting lifelong health and well-being; they present practically unlimited opportunity for healthcare and counseling professionals to build successful practices and earn a great living.

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Providing What It Takes

You’re probably aware –


For over a decade the PMA has witnessed the diverse efforts of integrative and alternative practitioners to build their practices. Unfortunately, struggles far outweigh successes. The common problems we see are:

  • Conventional medical doctors convert to direct-pay, integrative practices. Income goes down, and practices falter.
  • Alternative providers get a few clients from referrals but never build that dreamed of “waiting list” practice. In fact, many end up working full-time jobs and offering natural health and wellness services part-time for little to no income.
  • Conventional and alternative healthcare providers offering natural protocols and services face a legal/regulatory nightmare. Conventional practitioners are unsure whether the integrative/alternative services provided are within the scope of their state licenses or accepted standard of care. And alternative healthcare providers, even in “health freedom” states, are never quite sure whether their services are “completely legal”.
  • And, of course, failure to master basic marketing and business management skills contribute heavily to the poor track record of integrative and alternative practitioners to develop thriving, profitable practices.

Clearly, achieving the dreamed-of waiting list practice that stands on solid legal footing takes much more than simply graduating school and hanging out a sign announcing that you’re ready to see new clients.

Licensing Practitioners for Success

In our association efforts, we learned quickly that the success of our mission is dependent upon first assuring that like-minded healthcare practitioners have a legal and unimpeded path to offer spiritual-based health and wellness services to their clients – the practice we refer to as Pastoral Science & Medicine.

But even with an immense healthcare need, a huge demand for services by skilled healthcare practitioners and a clear legal path for your practice, you still need to master the business development skills needed for long-term success.

We get it. We understand the challenges you face. And that’s why, in addition to providing the clear legal path for your practice through PMA licensing, we’re committed to marshaling for you the advanced educational programs, proven clinical protocols and tools, and state-of-the-art practice management and development resources required to a build a stable, growing and profitable business. Read more about the Benefits of PMA Licensing.

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