PMA Application for Pastoral Assistant

A Pastoral Assistant (PSc.A) is an individual Certified by the PMA to assist a PMA Licensee in providing Pastoral Science & Medicine services. The Licensee under which a PSc.A provides assistance is responsible for the training, supervision and activities of the PSc.A. To qualify for PSc.A an individual must:

  1. Be a member of the Association, and;
  2. Make application on a form prescribed by the Association and which application must be signed by the Licensee under which the PSc.A shall provide assistance, and;
  3. Pay the accompanying Certification fees, and;
  4. Successfully pass a background review.

Pursuant to section 3.2. of the PMA Administrative Rules, the scope of practice of a PSc.A is determined by the Licensee supervising the PSc.A and all activities performed by the PSc.A must be:

  1. In compliance with the PMA Administrative Rules and PMA Policies;
  2. Within the training and education of the supervising Licensee; and
  3. Performed under the immediate supervision of the supervising Licensee..



NOTICE. Every question on this application requires information to be entered. You cannot leave any question blank because the form will not “submit”. If the question is not applicable, enter NA but do not leave a blank.

Submit Your Application Fee

You must now submit your application fee before we can process your application. The current fees are $200 application fee and $200 annual fee.