Nudge Coach

Track Your Way To Better Health

Have you noticed that more of your friends are using some kind of health or fitness tracker to monitor and improve their physical health? Or that they’re carrying and checking their phones frequently when out for a work or jog? Or maybe you’re already into this latest craze.

nudge-coach-logoA recent survey from Accenture reports that consumers who are using wearable devices or mobile apps for monitoring their health have doubled in just the last two years.

Turns out there’s a good reason for that.

People using these devices to track physical biomarkers and lifestyle habits say it makes them feel more engaged with their health. Plus, 90% surveyed indicate they’re willing to sharing data from their devices and apps with their healthcare providers.

And, significantly, Tech giants, including Apple, Google, and Samsung, are investing substantially in developing devices that will help bridge the gap between simply fitness tracking and actual medical care.

Let Your PMA Practitioner Nudge You Towards Health

Well, we’ve been watching this important trend and we’re excited about it.

In fact, we’ve partnered with a team of mobile health experts who are passionate about helping health professionals use health apps, wearables and connected devices in providing better care for their clients. And now we can offer this advantage to you.

It simply makes sense, doesn’t it? Certainly, you can review your own health data from the apps and devices you use. But wouldn’t it be better to take advantage of our professional healthcare knowledge and training at the same time?

nudge-coach-health-coaching-app-wearablesIf you’re willing, the data you collect about your health in real time can make your partnership with your PMA health professional even more effective. Your practitioner can track specific markers relating to your particular needs. Together, you will make better use of time in your appointments. You will be able to make better adjustments to your health recovery plan. And, you will be able to watch your progress over days, weeks and months – giving your well-being the attention it deserves even in-between appointments.

The App Is Called “Nudge”

Through PMA’s relationship with the Nudge team, you can download a free app to your Apple or Android smartphone that will read and send your PMA practitioner the data from Fitbit, Apple Health, and over 100 other apps, wearables and connected devices you might choose. And if you don’t have a wearable, the Nudge app includes easy-to-use tracking tools allowing you to track your lifestyle manually, in seconds per day. If you’re not yet using a wearable fitness tracker but would like to, your PMA health professional can help you make a selection that’s right for you.

For your practitioner, the NudgeCoach platform organizes all the biomarker and lifestyle data received from you, and allows your provider to monitor your progress remotely. You can then go over the data reports together either by phone or when you go in for your appointments.


Bottom line, the Nudge app helps you partner with your PMA health professional more efficiently and effectively in restoring your health and achieving vibrant well-being.

Click here to contact us for more information about the Nudge program. Also, encourage your PMA practitioner to contact us if he/she is not already using the Nudge platform. We’ll be happy to put you touch with someone who will answer any questions you may have.