Mission, Commitment and Core Beliefs

What is PMA’s Mission?

Simply put, the Pastoral Medical Association’s mission is to promote opportunity for everyone to enjoy lifelong health and well-being.

To these ends, as a private ecclesiastical organization, PMA provides a regulated means for sincere and spiritually committed healthcare professionals to offer the hundreds of millions of people suffering from chronic illness natural and effective protocols for preserving, restoring and maintaining the vital health and wellness the Creator intended humanity to have.

How is PMA Approaching Its Mission?

The world is facing an escalating epidemic of diverse chronic illnesses, included various autoimmune diseases. Every year, increasing numbers of people suffering from chronic health conditions who have not found relief from conventional medicine and pharmaceutical drugs are seeking help from healthcare providers who offer approaches and modalities that provide a more natural means for restoring health.

Such alternatives may be offered in conjunction with standard allopathic medicine (integrative care) or completely separate from it (alternative care). Unfortunately, there is a lack of uniform regulation of services provided by integrative and alternative practitioners.

The PMA addresses this deficiency by licensing professional healthcare practitioners who share the passion of PMA’s mission and who are educated and trained in one or more mental, physical or spiritual arts and/or sciences.

All PMA licensees have (a) confirmed their spiritual commitment; (b) met specific educational requirements; (c) passed a rigorous background investigation, and (d) pledged to abide by and be accountable for conducting themselves in accordance with the high standards of care expected of pastoral practitioners.

Our Commitment

The PMA is committed to restoring “natural healthcare” as a credible and respected means for helping individuals recover from chronic illness and enjoy vital health. Natural healthcare involves using biblically-sound protocols and procedures for preventing illness, regaining health and promoting overall mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

For well over a decade, the Pastoral Medical Association has been the undisputed world leader in bringing families and individuals together with caring, spiritually-oriented health and counseling practitioners to share biblically-valid health concepts.

Attesting to the public demand for a more natural and gentle approach for addressing our health challenges, PMA has experienced unprecedented growth with many thousands of people joining our Health Network every year.

Health practitioners licensed by the PMA to provide assistance to our community of hundreds of thousands of health-conscious individuals come from every area of healthcare, counseling and ministry. PMA licensees currently practice in all U.S. States, throughout Canada and many other countries worldwide.

Our Core Beliefs

PMA practitioners share the belief that, while conventional medicine has an important place in saving lives, following the natural life-supporting guidance, principles and procedures offered by God are the best means for avoiding and recovering from chronic illness and for maintaining lifelong robust health and well-being. Essentially, this is what is encompassed by Pastoral Science & Medicine.

Although the PMA is an ecclesiastical endeavor with a distinctly Christian base, we believe that it is not our right to decide whom God calls to help others. Therefore, PMA’s license is open to healthcare practitioners and counselors of all faiths and beliefs.

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