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Webinar: The Safe Legal Path for Practicing Pastoral Medicine

Thursday, August 24th – 6:30pm Central Time

We’re expanding our efforts to help spiritually-minded practitioners practice natural medicine legally, safely and more effectively.

PMA Legal Staff will Lead this Webinar

Attorneys David Gibbs (PMA Outside Counsel) and Peter Jenkins (Director of PMA Health Network Resources) will –

  • Discuss the value of the PMA license in today’s challenging legal regulatory marketplace;
  • Cover the key steps you must take to ensure you are promoting your PMA services and practicing legally;
  • Review the Agreement for Wellness Services and the important terms relevant to providing Pastoral Science & Medicine services;
  • Address other issues about managing your PMA practice that can present legal problems; and
  • Answer your questions about protecting your rights to practice and dealing with state healthcare regulatory agencies.


There are only 100 seats available for this important webinar. Registered attendees will receive information about PMA’s revised Scope of Practice and new practice development resources.

This webinar will be recorded, but we encourage you to join us to have all your questions answered.

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