Practitioner Newsletter, September 2017

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Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue with Peter Osborne

Adrenal fatigue can cause severe sleep disruption, chronic pain, fatigue, exercise intolerance, water retention, weight gain, central adiposity, anxiety, heart palpitations, and much more.

Dr. Osborne discusses nutrition, sleep, exercise, diet change and emotional stress management necessary to restore proper adrenal function naturally. Read more


Legal Issues Webinar

This recorded webinar is a “must watch” for PMA licensees to review information about the new 2017 Agreement for Wellness Services (AWS) and revised Administrative Rules and PMA Scope of Practice. Read more



How to get 60 Leads in 24 hours with a Landing Page and a LinkedIn Group

The cheapest and most sustainable (and repeatable) way to generate new business for your practice. Dmitry Dragilev explains exactly how to attract new prospects with a simple landing page and LinkedIn. Read more



Add a Customized AWS to Your Website

The Agreement for Wellness Services (AWS) is widely misunderstood by PMA licensees, so this article is an attempt to clarify its purpose and proper use. Disclaimer: I am not an attorney — but I DO talk with licensees almost every day about the AWS.​ Read more