Learn Your WICO® Score

WICO® – Your Personal Health Score

Medical science today recognizes the importance of regularly assessing and maintaining your “functional health” to support total vitality and well-being.

Functional health is premised on your ability to do the activities you want and need to do, without being hampered by illness, injury, pain or other adverse health conditions.

pma-affiliateThrough PMA’s affiliate partnering relationship with TRANSFORMATIONS, we can now quickly help you evaluate your overall functional health by completing the online WICO® Questionnaire, without expensive and time-consuming functional lab testing.

It’s Important to Know Your WICO® Score

Similar to the FICO® credit rating, your WICO® Score is an indication of your “Wellness Index”. Just like tracking your financial credit rating, health-conscious people are watching their WICO® Scores to restore and maintain vibrant health.

Looking at 15 functional health conditions, your overall functional health is scored on a scale of 500 to 800, based on how many conditions are rated as mild, moderate or severe. People with numerous moderate or severe health conditions have lower WICO® Scores.


Low WICO® Scores are often associated with health problems that manifest in excess weight or obesity, sugar cravings, food intolerances, insulin resistance, pre-Diabetes or full-blown Diabetes.

Your WICO® Score is a Roadmap to Health

To protect your health and promote wellness, we are encouraging all PMA subscribers to complete the online WICO® Questionnaire.

Upon completing the Questionnaire, you will receive your personal WICO® Score Wellness Range indicating how many health indicators fall into each category.

You will know quickly if there are moderate or severe functional health imbalances you should address.

A PMA practitioner specially trained in the TRANSFORMATIONS®-360 program will help you interpret your score, understand exactly what the markers are measuring, answer your questions about imbalances that may be rated as moderate and severe, and explain what you can do right away to improve your health.

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