Introduction to TRANSFORMATIONS® 360


Founded by the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Al Pirnia, the mission of TRANSFORMATIONS is to transform our present ineffective disease care system to one promoting wellness and prevention. TRANSFORMATIONS focuses particularly on diabetes prevention, sustainable weight loss and weaning people off lifestyle induced medications using its proprietary programs and products.

TRANSFORMATIONS accomplishes this by training healthcare practitioners on how to help clients address the root cause of their symptoms while educating, energizing and empowering them to adopt correct food habits, control their key wellness markers, and improve their WICO® Score as a measure of functional wellness.

Partnering for Success

We are excited about our partnering relationship with TRANSFORMATIONS, as we view this proven program to help people with “Diabesity” issues as a perfect complement to PMA’s expanded mission. And we’re delighted to offer PMA licensees who qualify the opportunity to become Certified TRANSFORMATIONS Clinics.

Watch this webinar and review the information below for a better understanding of WICO® Scoring and how TRANSFORMATIONS can supercharge your practice with new clients and substantial cash-based revenue. You’ll learn how you can take advantage of this unique practice development opportunity, with NO net out-of-pocket cost!

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Growing Your Practice

You’ve probably noticed that we are heavily promoting WICO® Scoring on our website, with pages highlighting WICO® and targeting people struggling with weight loss, blood sugar and Diabetes-related issues. See, for example, the “Learn Your WICO® Score” ad in the right column of this page.

We are proactively encouraging all PMA Health Network members and other website visitors to complete the online WICO® Questionnaire and consult personally with a PMA Certified TRANSFORMATIONS Clinician about their WICO® Score.

In other words, through our partnering relationship with TRANSFORMATIONS, PMA is now better positioned to refer prospective clients to you. It’s all part of our PMA Success Strategy to help you grow your practice.

Of course, the key attraction for clients to the TRANSFORMATIONS program is curiosity in learning their WICO® Score as a measure of how healthy they are.

Wellness Index Scoring

As healthcare professionals, you know the importance and value of encouraging clients to regularly assess and maintain their “functional health” to support total vitality and well-being.

Functional health is premised on our ability to do the activities we want and need to do, without being hampered by illness, injury, pain or other adverse health conditions.

You can now quickly help your clients evaluate their overall functional health by completing the online WICO® Questionnaire, without expensive and time-consuming functional lab testing.


Similar to the FICO® credit rating, the WICO® Score is a “Wellness Index” for functional health.

Using the same numerical range as FICO® scoring, a person’s overall functional health is scored on a scale of 300 to 850 looking at 15 functional health conditions, and based on how many conditions are rated as mild, moderate or severe. Pictured below is the lower portion of a sample WICO® Report listing the 15 functional markers and showing related evaluations as an easy-to-understand bar graph.

People with excellent functional health score high. People with numerous moderate or severe health conditions have lower WICO® Scores.

Low WICO® Scores are often associated with health problems that manifest in excess weight or obesity, sugar cravings, food intolerances, insulin resistance, pre-Diabetes or full-blown Diabetes.

A Road Map to Health

As you can see, WICO® Scoring offers a road map to personal health.

Upon completing the online WICO® Questionnaire, individuals receive the top portion of the WICO® Report pictured below. This section of the Report presents their personal WICO® Score, indicating how many health indicators fall into the mild, moderate or severe category. They find out quickly if there are moderate or severe functional health imbalances they should address – and, as you can imagine, this motivates most people to want to know more. However, they need to consult with a trained practitioner to gain access to the complete Report (with the lower portion shown above).

As a TRANSFORMATIONS clinician, you will be trained to help clients interpret their scores, understand exactly what the markers are measuring, answer their questions about any functional imbalances that have, and explain what they can do right away to improve their health.

Importantly, your clients will be motivated and you will be in a position to help them begin an easy-to-follow elimination diet with whole foods (no shakes or bars); regain their energy, lose weight and feel great quickly; learn healthy eating habits that they can use for life; and discover and address underlying dysfunctions and/or nutritional deficiency issues that are undermining complete health recovery.

And, you be pleased to know, the TRANSFORMATIONS®-360 program can be implemented and administered by your staff.

For You, A Proven Turnkey Program

There’s no experimenting or guesswork involved.

TRANSFORMATIONS is a comprehensive clinical program with years of proven success. The program has been implemented by hundreds of clinics nationwide, and thousands of people are already benefiting from the health improvements it delivers. See, for example, the practitioner and client testimonials displayed in the right column of this page.

TRANSFORMATIONS provides a turnkey practice development opportunity for you, with a potential $200,000 annual cash revenue! We’re not kidding!

And now, beyond serving just your existing and prospective clients, TRANSFORMATIONS is rolling out a new initiative targeting local employers interested in cutting their healthcare costs by providing effective wellness programs for their employees.

But, here’s the best part.  Are you paying attention? You will be supported all the way to ensure your success!

The TRANSFORMATIONS team will guide you and your staff step-by-step.

  • Evaluating if the program is right for your practice.
  • Helping you stage and hold a successful “Wellness Open House” for your clinic.
  • Providing all the professional promotional materials you need for your office and website.  And,
  • TRANSFORMATIONS will do all of the marketing for you in approaching local employers. All you need to do is show up and interview prospective clients!

On top of that, with thousands of people visiting our website each month looking for natural solutions for chronic health issues, PMA can now help you leverage your time and expand your influence in your community by referring new prospective cash-paying TRANSFORMATIONS clients and interested employers to you through our proactive online activities.

No Net Out-of-Pocket Cost

Yes, you read that correctly. As we said, this is an incredible practice development opportunity!

PMA has asked TRANSFORMATIONS to structure a way for qualified PMA licensees who focus their practices on nutritional counseling or personalized functional healthcare to become Certified TRANSFORMATIONS Clinics with NO net out-of-pocket cost. You’ll love this easy-to-get-started arrangement involving just 3 clients interested in losing weight and/or correcting blood sugar issues.

Get Started Now

If you have additional questions after viewing the webinar or want to get started, simply complete the form below to schedule a convenient time to speak with Chris Ashelford, Director of Training & Support of TRANSFORMATIONS, Inc. Chris will be happy to help.

Note, when communicating with Chris, be sure to mention that you’re affiliated with PMA to take advantage of the opportunity to become a Certified TRANSFORMATIONS Clinic with NO net out-of-pocket cost to you!