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PMA pre-qualifies and licenses spiritually-minded health professionals with diverse practice specialties who are committed to partnering with you and other PMA Health Network members in using biblically-sound means to achieve and maintain robust mental, physical and spiritual health.

As a member of PMA’s Health Network, you can be confident that we are continually searching for proven clinical tools and other state-of-the-art resources to address chronic health issues and help you achieve life-supporting mental, physical and spiritual balance, while also reducing and effectively managing health-related costs.

Health & Wellness Resources

Listed below are some of the primary health and wellness resources PMA offers you as a Health Network member. Items that are not linked to other pages in this website are currently in development but will be available in the near future.

PMA’s Health Network
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Find a Licensed PMA practitioner

Health Savings and Special Offers
Liberty Medical Cost Sharing
Wellness Index Score (WICO) and Practitioner Consultation

Free Downloads
21 Secrets to Living a Diabetes-Free Life
Lessons from the Miracle Doctors
True Cellular Detox (2-page report)

Life and Health Education
Online Courses
Dr. Kelly Brogan – “Vital Mind Reset”
Dr. Joe Dispenza – “Making Your Mind Matter”
Dr. Bruce Lipton – “Biology of Belief”
Gregg Braden – “Wired to Thrive”
Healthcare Training
Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

PMA Marketplace
Fulvic Acid
Ulimate Focus

Discount Lab Tests
Direct Labs

Ask Your PMA Practitioner
Nudge Coach
True Cellular Detox
VirtualClinic – Optimal Health Profile

Help Us Help You

Please feel free to Contact Us and let us know what specific health-related educational information, products and/or services  interest you. Our team will be happy to consider your request, investigate and determine if offering what you suggest to our PMA practitioners or lay members of our PMA Health Network is appropriate and valuable in advancing PMA’s mission.