How Religious Convictions Guide Personal Health Care Decisions

A Research Study Seeking Participants

The presence of healthcare decisions made in accordance with religious beliefs is marginally understood from the patient perspective.

One major challenge that can occur is when the recommended course of action, which is typically founded on medical and scientific research, conflicts with the religious convictions of patients.

Religious values have the ability to go against the normal medical course of treatment and lead to a need to explore alternative courses of action.  Making a decision on treatment with a need or perceived need to explore alternative treatment options due to the governing force of religious convictions can be conflicting.

Goals of the study

  • Bring awareness to the perceptions of religion in health care decision making
  • Increase knowledge on the alternatives of care for patients with religious beliefs

Eligibility to participate

In order to participate, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have a religious affiliation
  • Have applied religion into healthcare decision making in last 10 years
  • Perceived a conflict in the healthcare decision-making process

Volunteer participants needed for INTERVIEW:

  • 1 hour, audio-recorded
  • Privately conducted, one-on-one
  • Via Skype or conference call
  • Review of interview transcript
  • All information is completely confidential

To participate please contact – Melissa Crumbey
(313) 574-4272 or

[The Pastoral Medical Association has an interest in better understanding the various issues around selecting a practitioner based on religious beliefs. For this reason, we have agreed to support Melissa in this call for participants in her research study. We look forward to publishing the results of her study in the future.]