Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s 7-Part Autoimmune Documentary – Now Available

“Betrayal” – a Free Autoimmune System Documentary

You know how sometimes something amazing GOES VIRAL on the Internet?

It seems this happens when a message touches something so personal and so moving, that everyone who receives it gets excited about what they learn.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s 7-part documentary on autoimmune disease, titled “BETRAYAL”, has touched humanity in precisely this way.

And I’m truly excited about sharing this information with you.
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Autoimmune disease attacks us on so many levels. It is a silent, deadly disease that strikes at the heart of the human experience. Something goes wrong, and our immune system starts to attack rather than protect our bodies. Otherwise healthy organs are slowly (or rapidly) destroyed.

My friend, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, has devoted the past two years to traveling the world and interviewing the leading experts in the field. He and his team created 7 full-length movies, covering different aspects of autoimmunity and telling the story of HOW PEOPLE ARE HEALING every day from these devastating illnesses.

CLICK HERE – Watch the 6-minute video introduction.  AUTOIMMUNITY CAN BE CORRECTED.

When you register for BETRAYAL, you will get an email confirming your registration and providing information about the time of broadcasts and instructions on how to access the event online.