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Fed Up With Fat? This Must-See Documentary Changes Everything - The statistics are sobering and staggering. Over 95% of all Americans will become overweight or obese within the next two decades. By 2050, one out of every three Americans will have diabetes. This is the first generation of Americans expected to live shorter lives than their parents. How did this Continue Reading
How Religious Convictions Guide Personal Health Care Decisions - A Research Study Seeking Participants The presence of healthcare decisions made in accordance with religious beliefs is marginally understood from the patient perspective. One major challenge that can occur is when the recommended course of action, which is typically founded on medical and scientific research, conflicts with the religious convictions Continue Reading
How Doctors Permanently Lose Weight - Having a hard time keeping weight off? Are you looking to safely and strategically lose 25 or more pounds? Have you ever wondered what doctors do to lose weight and get in better shape? Do they go through the same yo-yo dieting and emotional roller coaster as the average health Continue Reading
Creating Health in America, One Person at a Time - A Message for President Trump “Now is not the time to rail against the election of Trump. Instead, the objective must be to organise, and to use evidence to promote a clear pro-health political agenda for the US, domestically and globally.” The Lancet, November 19, 2016 [1] Two weeks after the 2016 Continue Reading
Concern About Diabetes - Struggling with Blood Sugar, Insulin Resistance or Weight-Related Issues? The U.S. Center for Disease Control now estimates that about half the U.S. population is now pre-diabetic, insulin resistant, obese or actually diabetic. Why are so many Americans becoming Type 2 Diabetics? What is causing this? And why is that most Continue Reading
Individual & Family Resources - We're All About Helping You! PMA pre-qualifies and licenses spiritually-minded health professionals with diverse practice specialties who are committed to partnering with you and other PMA Health Network members in using biblically-sound means to achieve and maintain robust mental, physical and spiritual health. As a member of PMA’s Health Network, Continue Reading
Toxicity: A Major Health Challenge - Is Detox Really Important? Weight loss resistance and hormone health-related problems are epidemic today. A potential root cause of these challenges is cellular inflammation caused by toxin build-up in your body. Regular use of a proven detoxification protocol can help release and eliminate toxins that drive inflammation and disrupt normal Continue Reading
Lower Your Healthcare Costs - Are You Ready to Take Charge of Your Healthcare? There are millions of individuals and families who lead healthy lives and go for years without seeing a doctor, except for periodic wellness checkups. Yet every year, they spend more money than necessary on healthcare simply for peace of mind. If Continue Reading
Learn Your WICO® Score - WICO® - Your Personal Health Score Medical science today recognizes the importance of regularly assessing and maintaining your “functional health” to support total vitality and well-being. Functional health is premised on your ability to do the activities you want and need to do, without being hampered by illness, injury, pain Continue Reading
Discount Lab Tests - Saving You Money As a subscriber to our growing Health Network, the Pastoral Medical Association has made special arrangements to provide you access through your PMA practitioner to a wide variety of laboratory tests at deeply discounted prices, right in your own hometown. These are the same tests ordered by licensed physicians Continue Reading