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For Secular Governmental Authorities

Introduction to the PMA

In the spirit of cooperation, the Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) is happy to provide state healthcare licensing boards and other secular governmental authorities information about our organization, its ecclesiastical structure and our day-to-day operations, which primarily involve –

  • Serving the hundreds of thousands of individuals and families who are seeking natural solutions for regaining their health and maintaining vital health and well-being;
  • Issuing ecclesiastical licenses for the practice of Pastoral Science & Medicine to healthcare and counseling professionals offering natural solutions for restoring and sustaining optimal health;
  • Marshaling for everyone’s benefit natural and science-based clinical protocols, products, programs and services that align with our mission to promote lifelong health and well-being; and
  • Fostering the growth of our PMA Health Network providing opportunity for lay members and practitioner licensees to connect, share life-supporting information, access our natural health resources and assist each other in achieving their personal and collective goals for ending chronic illness and living healthy, productive and joyful lives.

For Detailed Information

Please complete and submit the form below, and we will promptly email you our Introductory Letter, together with our legal counsel’s Legal Memorandum Pertaining to Ecclesiastical Organizations.

The Introductory Letter provides a brief history of our ecclesiastical organization and operations today. It specifies the Christian religious beliefs we have and promote through our PMA endeavors. The Legal Memorandum outlines the U.S. constitutionally protected rights of spiritually-minded people to organize and practice their religious beliefs, free of regulation or interference by secular governmental authorities.

Overview and Disclaimers

You can learn more about the PMA and our operations by reviewing these public pages of our website:

It is important to note that PMA licensees do not “practice medicine”. More specifically, they do not examine, diagnose or treat, or offer to treat or cure or attempt to cure, any mental or physical disease, disorder or illness, or any physical deformity or injury. Also, PMA licensees do not recommend or prescribe any medications or pharmaceutical drugs, or recommend changes in dosage or discontinuation of any prescription medications their clients may be taking.

Also, licensed PMA practitioners are required to separate completely the promotion and providing of ecclesiastical Pastoral Science & Medicine services to clients under their PMA license from any advertising and delivery of healthcare services to individuals under secular governmental authority and law.

View PMA’s full Information Disclaimer.

In addition, PMA practitioners have taken a vow to uphold biblical principles when interacting with clients and providing Pastoral Science & Medicine services. They share the beliefs set forth in PMA’s Constitution, they have accepted specific responsibilities in serving their clients, and they have given their solemn and binding pledge to practice Pastoral Science & Medicine in full alignment with these stated beliefs and responsibilities.  View the PMA Practitioner Pledge.

Contact Us

We invite and encourage you to Contact Us with general inquiries or about any questions, concerns or complaints that may arise over any PMA licensee or Healthcare Network participant activity.

More information about the PMA and our Ecclesiastical Organizational Structure is available by requesting our Introductory Letter and Legal Memorandum, using the form below.

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