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We’re All About Helping You!

If you are –

  • Health conscious and believe you have the right to choose the healthcare services you want.
  • And, you are seeking natural means for restoring vital health and well-being for yourself, your family or loved ones.
  • Or, you are a spiritually-minded health professional with sincere desire to serve clients like those described above.

You’re at the Right Place!

How We Help

The Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) is an established ecclesiastical organization serving a community of hundreds of thousands of people who value and prioritize their health, who believe in freedom of choice when it comes to healthcare, and who are seeking natural means for restoring health and promoting lifelong vitality and well-being for themselves and others.

To these ends, PMA provides four important services

  • Licensing Spiritually-Minded Health Professionals
  • Promoting PMA Licensee Safety, Effectiveness and Growth
  • Connecting Clients and PMA Practitioners
  • Providing Diverse Resources, plus Measurable Health Savings

Learn More

  • Click Here to learn about the benefits PMA’s Health Network offers families and individuals.
  • Click Here to learn about the advantages of gaining a PMA practitioner license.


PMA pre-qualifies and licenses spiritually-minded health professionals with diverse practice specialties who are committed to partnering with their clients in using scripturally-sound means to achieve and maintain robust mental, physical and spiritual health.

Importantly, as a PMA licensee, we assist you in practicing safely. We also marshal and inform you about effective state-of-the-art clinical and counseling services for your clients. And, we are always looking for ways to help you grow your business.

Working for you, PMA helps thousands of people seeking knowledgeable and experienced natural healthcare practitioners to locate and learn about services provided by dedicated PMA health professionals in local communities and nationwide.

As a member of PMA’s Health Network, you can be confident that PMA is continually searching proven clinical tools and other state-of-the-art resources to address chronic health issues and help you achieve life-supporting mental, physical and spiritual balance, while also reducing and effectively managing health-related costs.

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Working to Assure the Peace, Dignity
and Safety of Our PMA Health Network Community!